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All designs and ideas are inspired by our life as young, happy, hustling parents.

Prime Theory was a dream, inspired by Trey. Trey's love for health, fitness and travel has combined with Nici's passion for advocacy, design, and technology has turned into our ultimate calling. - The Prime Theory

The Prime Theory is based off the theory of motivation! Motivation is more than just our reasons for doing things. It includes our innate reactions, habits, drives, desires, goals and plans.

What makes us believe in "self"? What is our influence? What keeps us motived?

Thanks so much for your supporting us.

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Quick facts about us!

  • We are Nici & Trey... April babies born in Atlanta, but raised two separate sides of the train tracks!
  • We met at summer camp as teenagers and reconnected 20 years later
  • We are a newly engaged and blended family of 8! 4 boys and 2 girls! They inspire us to work harder than we ever thought was possible.
  • We live in Atlanta, but love to travel whenever we can!
  • PRIME THEORY LLC has been rocking since 2016.




Nici & Trey